Tome Vampirism, a fantastic kickstarter project


I love kickstarter. It’s a place where dreams come to life. Visionaries who have an idea that they cannot shake, come to stand there, to expose their heart and dreams so others can evaluate and decide if those ideas, those dreams are worth their money.

Tome Volume 1: Vampirism by 44Flood is one of the projects that I’m not only glad I helped fund, but it’s a project that proves how important Kickstarter is. Tome is an amazing book that 44fFood plan to publish on an annual basis. It is an art book the size of a six month-old baby (12X18”) that contains 200 pages of brilliant artworks - from paintings to photographs to statues (well photography of statues), and comics. It contains not only a visual aspect but also an audial one; a music CD with a beautiful compilation of compositions that enhance the experience that is Tome.

Now, Tome doesn’t only contains artworks; it is an artwork all on its own. When I initially got it, I was reminded of black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I took an hour to absorb the book the first time I went through it. Every page contains either an image or a story or an interview with one of the artists. These interviews are little gems that decorate this dark and hunting jewel, they reveal so much more about the art, and oh, what art.

I’m not sure which artwork makes me happier (or sadder), they are all fantastic and powerful. They all tell stories you want to drown in. I went through the book more than a dozen times now and each time I find something new. Right now, I’m in love with a set of posters for “The Crimson Carnival” by Francesco Francavilla, I wish I could frame these five posters and hang them in my office. They will freak people out, but they make me want to tell a story.


You will find tons of great artists in Tome. some familiar, other less so. I was glad to find Jill Thompson there, she has a great piece on one of the last pages of the book. Aaron Ryan has a powerful two-pages artwork that contains hundred of details. Dave Mckean has a few pages that will blow your mind. It goes on and on, and as I write this and go over the book again, I feel like buying another copy, just so I can cut all the pages out and frame them.

Tome is one of a few books in my library that makes me exited when I take it out, and I can’t wait for the second book to come out.

It’s probable that if you read this you have missed that kickstarter project. If so, go the 44Flood store and try tograb one of the remaining copies. You wont regret it.

A small galery can be found here