The Guardians is an adventure book for children, that offer readers a chance to change the story’s narrative by making value based choices in key events.

In the first book of The Guardians series, the readers discover they are part of a special group, heroes whose fate it is to save worlds. The Guardians, as these chosen ones are called, can walk between worlds, see things others cannot, and shape events.

They are sent on an adventure to the world of Thonrasa. There, an unknown darkness engulfed the world and left the animals that inhabit it powerless and afraid. Led by their choices, readers explore the world, meet different animals, and experience new adventures. Each choice in the book is driven by a value like being brave, inquisitive, or open minded.

The collection of values is shown as beautiful badges on the application's badges page. New values unlock every time the child reads the story again and makes different choices, helping the reader understand how the choices we take, affect what happens to us. In every read, the readers discover the values that guided them, and, which matter to them the most.

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