Hi, my name is Ziv Kitaro.

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I’m the Director of Product Management at Whaleapp LTD, supervising our diverse line of mobile games, and working with the platforms and other business partners to insure our games reach our fans in the best possible way.

I’m a product manager, Creative Director and Game Designer. I have been working in the mobile and games arena for over a decade, holding both executive and creative titles. I lead studios at Plarium Global, and Playtika, and consulted to companies like 888 Holdings. My work includes concept design, products positioning, market research and initiatives. In my work I got to lead over a dozen games and entertainment projects from concept to launch; working on high-level concepts, wireframes, and personas and moving to the low-level design of the game mechanics, story, economy, user stories and balance tables.

My goal is to create exceptional digital products and games that bring joy to people's lives and improve their leisure time.

Want to know more about what I do?

For the past decade, I have worked with some of the leading companies in Israel, and with many small companies and startups.
My principal strength lies in building teams that can create engaging products which utilize the newest technologies. When I work with a company, I try to understand the core of its idea, to break down the story into the principal element and then build on that. Many startups and established companies try to achieve too much, and on the way burn their money and waste their time.
By focusing on the core, by working on that single thing that is unique, products can become great.

I had the privilege of guiding the day to day operation of small and large teams within startups and established companies; working with developers and design teams to make sure the stakeholders receive the best product they can.

Also, I have written several books, and published articles in most of the tech and news publications in Israel and for a few overseas. As a Dale Carnegie graduate, I have been giving lectures about personal growth, leadership, and productivity. I also ran game design programs in two educational establishments and lectured on storytelling, content and product design for many years now.

Specialities: product management, game mechanics, pipeline, personas and user research, game design, wireframe, UX, team recruitment, market research, agile, scrum, kanban, concept development, storytelling, content, optimization, team building.

Career Milestones

In my career, I worked on many different and interesting products:

  • Director of Product Management and Platform Relations at Whaleapp LTD, special advisory and Biz-Dev

  • Head of Products at Mohican Lab, responsible for all running games and products of the company

  • Worked on dozens of projects, mostly games or interactive experiences

  • Honed my skills in managing big and medium scale projects - creating pipeline, work methodologies, and making sure the team follow them on time

  • Was Head of Product for the #1 online Bingo game, BINGO Blitz, at Playtika - managing the complete product operation from roadmaps and planing to executaion and content delivery

  • Was the Creative Director at edgybees, working on AR-based games for drones and other high movement vehicles

  • Created a console-grade game for Mobile named Motor Planet for Plarium Global, as the Executive Producer and Lead Game Designer

  • I was the head of the "Game Design Program" in the Midrasha School for Art, Beit Berl Israel

  • Wrote and published three books: The Complete Guide to the Magical World of The Faery Folks (Hebrew), iPhone One on One (Hebrew), and a user guide to the Internet (Hebrew)

  • I worked as a consultant to companies like 888 Holdings and Mytopia, Blackjack Unlimited, JamRT, MTV and others

  • I worked on a project for Alex Toys on a toy for toddlers

  • I worked on an interactive book for "Nekudat Mifne." The book has a unique storytelling mechanic that helps to analyze the kids' choices. Look for The Guardians (English, iTunes link)

  • I was the COO and chief game designer at Smite Entertainment

  • I worked as Lead Game Designer at Cedar Design Groups - where we created an electronic collectible card game called ELECTROHEX. We also worked on a few other toys and games with major companies in the USA, including the wonderful Alex Toys

  • I was the researcher and creator of the story for the game Adam Syndrome

  • I owned a chain of fantasy stores. I worked mainly on closing deals with oversea companies and importing goods

  • Graduate of the Dale Carnegie program, and worked as a guide for a couple of years